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2022 Cape Summer Classic


Registration is closed

Thank you to all participants in last years event. Congratulations to the winners Tim Kurr & Matt Lapinski. We are looking forward to another great event this year.

Again, I do want to take a moment, to express gratitude to all the courses that have hosted competitors in the past. I would ask those participants in this year’s event, to be mindful of the requests you are making of our fellow members. Too often I hear of the same courses, getting inundated with requests. Let us not try to play the same courses, year after year, but rather strive to play some courses that we normally do not. One of the founding principals of this event, was to play some courses we do not normally play, with some people we do not normally play with. GCSACC is home to some great and wonderful golf courses and layouts, explore them all.

Deadline to sign up for this year’s event will be April 15th, 2022.

Depending upon number of entrants, the following schedule would be followed. It is important to make the commitment to get these matches played on schedule in fairness to all participants involved.

(Note: this allows more time in the Round 1, as all participants will be playing. Round 3 allows more time, as summer stress conditions can make it difficult to schedule play. Other consideration, at the discretion of the Tournament Chair).

  • Round 1 completed by May 31st, 2022
  • Round 2 completed by June 30th, 2022
  • Round 3 completed by August 31st, 2022
  • Round 4 completed by September 30th, 2022
  • Final Round completed by October 31st,  2022

**subject to change**


As always, USGA rules will govern We would prefer that teams consist of at least (1) Superintendent, but teams can consist of any GCSACC members. Based on the number of entries, the Tournament Committee will create brackets based off current USGA handicaps.

Per the USGA recommendation on Match Play Four Ball at a 90% handicap allowance.

**Using the GHIN app, you can easily accomplish this. Under Handicap Calculator. Simply select course; select your playing partners; under handicap allowance select 90%. It will calculate it for you**

  • All strokes will be played off the lowest handicap in the group
  • All players must have a current USGA/GHIN handicap, otherwise play at a 0
  • The winners of each match, will be responsible for reporting the results to the Tournament Chair
  • $50 per team, 50% of purse goes to S&R Fund, 50% to the winners

As always, the point of this competition is to have fun. So, keep it light out there and enjoy each other’s company.

However, one comment of note is this: If the foursome agrees to play the balls up (which only should be for course conditions) then all players will play the ball up. We cannot have one team playing it as is, while the other is playing it down……you must all decide how to play it and play it accordingly.

Thanks for playing & Good Luck!!!

Nicholas Burchard, Cape Summer Classic Chair

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